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Thread: Problem Browsing Network?

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    Problem Browsing Network?

    I am running XP pro on a Dell laptop. for about 1 year i've been able to browse / access shared folders over the network. i've been doing this at both my work and home networks. i've also been sharing several folders on my PC, which i access from other machines.

    Starting about 1 month ago, this stopped working. other machines on the same network can still see/access each other, so it's localized to my machine.

    i dont know exactly when this started, but i did install spybot search and destroy recently. i uninstalled it, but it's possible some setting wasnt reverted.

    The symptoms are these:

    When i click my network places->entire network->microsoft windows network, sometimes i can view a last of workgroups. when i click one to view it's computers I get 'Workgroup is not accessible. You might not have permission ot access this resource....Network path not found'.

    I can view the workgroup to which my machine belongs, but cannot see any other PCs in that workgroup.

    I cannot access computer by name either. Usually '\\computername' allows me to access another machine.

    thanks for any help. let me know if there's other information i can provide.

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    Maybe your firewall updated and reverted back to the original settings. Check to see that your network is still trusted and not only for surfing the web.

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