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Thread: Adapter for generic dialup and VPN capture

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    Adapter for generic dialup and VPN capture


    I'm using a tool to scan all networktraffic and found 2 Adapter.
    My normal Adapter uses for DSL (Realtek.. )
    and a secound calles "Adapter for gerneric dialup and VPN capture".

    VPN is used to connect PCs to a "virtual local network" over the net but as far as I know i dont use such a network.

    But is this adapter usefull for me and if not: how to find the source and stop it?

    I hope that you could help me


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    Don't be freaked out by an additional adapter. Several kind of network connections, such as VPNs create there own virtual adapters.

    What tool are you using to sniff your network traffic? While I'm sure you can forcifully turn of the virtual adapter, it would probably be best to do it through the options of the program that created it.

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