The first flirt rule, women get to make all the rules.

Second rule women do not discuss the rules with men.
The code of silence is used because men, if given the choice men would not
choose to be committed to an institution. All of the other rules listed here are
subject to change (see rule #1).

Third men are taught good from bad with a reward and punishment system.
When men are doing things right women are smiling and clinging, when men do
the wrong thing they get jerked to one side (I call it the cling and jerk).

Men are required to raise their level of flirt to meet womenís expectations, or
they are sent to square one for a do-over. And so begins the cycle, cling jerk
and do over (as many times as the woman so pleases). There may also be a
public display of affections requirement, requiring men to perform in front of
an audience or friends. Written in the fine print at the bottom of the page is
says, the woman is always right and reserves the right to make the manís life
a living hell. Some women learn to put (the living hell card) away, some save
it for special occasions. The real power hungry use it hard and relentlessly
and would destroy their relationship before giving it up. Women consider the
flirt game to be the only game in town. There is no other game for 99.9% of
all women. They will try endless do-overís until their intended partner learns,
or they quit trying, there is no other game.

The fine print on this game is, women reserve the right to make a man who
plays it, to make his life a living hell. This game is the most powerful grab for
subliminal power in human nature. The irony is that when women become
emotionally attached, some men will turn the tables and make women the
greater losers in the struggle for power.

I believe that any relationship that begins based on manipulation has a very
poor foundation. All men are dogs; even the best of men may wake-up some
day to understand that they have been duped.

When in doubt refer to rule #1