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Thread: Waiting for the network

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    Waiting for the network

    Hello everyone. I have a problem and I need help. I can't connect to my wireless network. I just got WEP yesterday and I couldn't connect since yesterday night. I don't think it's the WEP problem because it doesn't say that the network key I put in is wrong. When I put in the network key to connect the wireless network, the box says "Waiting for the network...." The box disappears and I'm still not connected. There are 2 other computers in my home and they work perfectly fine. They put in the network key and then it connects. How come mine doesn't? My computer has been wirely connected to my router since I created the WEP yesterday. I didn't try moving my comp back to my room and try connecting it from there but I think there wouldn't be any difference. Is there? Please suggest me what to do about this problem! Thank you!
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    Go to router management page, ensure there is big enough IP range assigned on DHCP setting. Also upgrade your wireless apdater driver and ensure the driver works well.

    When that computer connects to the wireless network, you can type ipconfig /all to ensure it displays correct IP, netmask, gateway and DNS info.

    Here are 2 articles that show you how to configure wireless adapter in XP and Vista

    Hope helps..

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    ^Thanks for the reply. I've resolved the problem by changing the mac address control.

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