I am at university owned flats, and i am behind a NAT firewall from the ISP. I am also using a Netwgear wireless router to connect to the interner and to another of my laptops for 3d rendering with a 3d program (Vue xStream) without any http-tunnel use. Another friend is at another university and most possibly behind a NAT firewall. I have tried setting up a network render with her laptop as well. The program needs the other side's IP and by default works on port 5002 but you can define another port as long as it's not used by another program. The problem is i do not know which number to enter as her IP. I've tried with 2 IPs. One was the one from her Wireless Network Connection Status details, and the other one was the one she got from a 'what is my ip' website. It wouldnt work in both cases. Is there a way to link directly to her PC behind NAT firewalls?

ps: I am using Http-tunnel to traverse my firewall and be able to download .rar files and any other files blocked by the firewall. I think there are no file restrictions on hers.