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Thread: Network Settings missing & explorer.exe corrupt?

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    Network Settings missing & explorer.exe corrupt?

    Yeah, I can't see my network connection settings. There's like nothing there.
    Any suggestions please?

    Also everytime I load up my computer, the desktop shows for like 5 seconds then everything dissapears and a window message comes up like 'windows-no disk' and it has these options: Cancel, try again, continue, (and the 'x' button). Either one I click does nothing. After I click any of them my desktop comes back to normal and then after 5 seconds the same message comes back up..ffs. Same thing happens over and over and over...Its got to do with the explorer.exe in the WINDOWS folder because whenever I press CTR+ALT+DEL, I see explorer.exe in the process appearing then dissapearing whenever the windows-nodisk message comes up.
    Please help me

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    format c:
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    file corruption from spyware or a virus... could be hardware failure from the HDD going bad.

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    I do agree with the fromat ,but this would be a quicker way i would try a repair install after the spyware is removed ,and virus if there was one. If there is alot of junk in the test formate if not try below.
    Comptia a+ n+

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    Thanks guys I'll try them all .
    Oh but one thing, I don't have my Windows CD so thats a bummer .
    I'll try formating c drive though .

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