As some of you are aware, (beta) was closed about a month ago. The original gallery was cumbersome, introdiced some security vulnerabilities and required extensive hacks with each version to bridge with the forums database/users.

We've just upgraded the forum software to the newest version of vBulletin. The new forum features we've introduced yesterday are intended to replace most of the functionality of the old SG gallery.

User Albums are now available from the forums "User Control panel", as well as the "Quick Links" navigation bar. Users now have the ability to create multiple albums, with a total file size limit of 20MB currently. User Albums are viewable through their profiles. Visitors can leave comments for pictures just as with the old beta gallery.

Old user album images are still available for a limited time at: . Please download any images you may want to keep. You can then re-create your albums with the new forum interface.

To make it easier for users to post inline images and improve user experience, we've also enabled image attachments (up to a total of 10 MB per user).

The Albums and image attachment options are available for all regular users with over 100 posts (and registered over 100 days in the past).

As always, all feedback and suggestions are welcome, and please excuse any inconvenience the gallery changes may have caused.