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Thread: Switch confusion and new topology

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    Switch confusion and new topology

    here is the scenario I am still new to the function of the pieces of equipment in use so Please bear with me if my questions are a bit foolish

    I have a DSL modem with 4 ports on it I assume it s a modem/router it is connected to a 16 port netgear switch wich is in turn connected to a 8 port netgear switch which is then connected to the punchboard going to each individual drop in the building.

    We need to move to a cable connection due to problems with the DSL line and i already have a cable modem installed with nothing connected to it (I connected my system to it for to ensure it worked and it did)

    The end user workstations are a mix of dynamic IP's and static IP's
    Here are my questions

    1 Can I simply unplug the netgear conection from the DSL modem and plug it in to the cable modem power cycle the the cable modem ,switches and the end users and the system will come back up ( I may have to change anyone from static to dynamic IPs)

    ...or do I have to go into the settings of the cable modem and make changes there as well.

    We also have a wireless access point to add the capability of wireless connectivity.

    The overall topology is pretty bad we actually don't even need the 8 port switch the ports on the modem, the wireless and 16 port switch will easily cover the number of users.

    Because I am connecting to switch can i simply move the connections around andto eliminate the extra 8 port switch and power cycle everything and have the new topology rebuilt.

    We have two systems used as files servers that we all have shared access to different directories and to network printers I am think that as far as the printers go I set those a static IPS the servers as static IPs the end users i would also like to set to static after originally getting the IPs when they were setup dynamically and everything should be working again maybe I am being too hopeful.

    I worked out a topology where everybody and everything gets hooked backup
    Future vision:...

    port 1 to 16 port netgear switch
    ports 2-3 file servers
    port 4 to wireless access point

    wireless access point
    port 1 maybe another file server
    ports 2-3 printers
    port 4 to unneeded 8 port netgear switch

    16 port switch
    port 1 comes in from modem
    ports 2-13 end users
    ports 14-16 open

    I beleive this is a simple topology and should not require much setup am I wrong. If so please elaborate.


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    You'll definitely want another router in there. First....most "business cable" packages happen to come with a combo modem/router business gateway. So it would effectively replace prior DSL combo modem/router gateway you had.

    What you'll want to do is find this out ahead of time. If it's just a plain bridged'll want to get a router. With this number of computers...I'd recommend a business grade router. Once you have that...since you already have a server(s) and network in's easier to reprogram the new router to match the IP scheme that you had before. Instead of changing your entire network to match the default LAN IP scheme of your new router.

    If it is a business gateway (such as an SMC)....yes you can treat it like you did your prior DSL modem/router...and uplink your switch to it.

    Were your static IP computer manually setup? Or clients for DHCP reservations? If so..document those IPs and MACs.

    Note DNS changes on the manually setup IP addresses..with the new ISP.
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