Hey guys, hope you can help me out with this one...

We recently upgraded to Backup Exec v.12 and the transition seemed to go pretty smoothly. The backup jobs seemed to be working fine, and the schedule I came up with worked pretty well. Now, however, I'm having a few problems.

Firstly, after about a week and a half, the jobs suddenly stopped running. They would return an error saying that the job had been canceled by the user. At first I thought this was probably due to the fact that the backup job was taking longer than the allotted time, so I decided to lengthen the time window. This didn't help, so I created a new job from scratch.

I have only run the new job once, but it says that it completed with exceptions (this is normal for us). I thought the job would work, but when I went to do a test restore, the backup set did not have the majority of the data that was supposed to be backed up.

I say the majority because while a few selections were successfully backed up (both local and remote) the majority of our stored network data was not.

We are backing up TO a Snap Server, but I don't think that should cause any problems. Firstly, the backup was running fine initially. Secondly, I am doing temporary backups with Windows Backup to the same Snap Server.

I am trying to work with Symantec on the problem as well, but we are having issues convincing them that we have a service agreement... but that's another matter. Anyway, any ideas what might be causing the problem??