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Thread: Tweak me?

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    Tweak me?

    Have brand new cable modem and linksys wireless g 2.4 GHz broadband router.
    Speed 100 Mb/s

    Packets sent 18,000 Received are 27,000

    QoS is unchecked
    Client for MS Networks is checked
    File and Printer Sharing for MS Networks is checked
    Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked.

    We have 1 desktop main
    2 laptops that connect through wireless.

    I noticed under
    Setup .> Network Connections, I have options for
    Internet Connection & Local Area Connection

    Under Internet Connection,
    the Internet Gateway is reading & My Computer
    Packets Sent 1,352,100 est 18,000 est
    Packets Received 1,549,000 est 27,000 est

    I noticed the "Ready" light will go off sometimes on the cable modem and we will lose internet connection and that will require us to unpower the modem, restart, etc. We just got this modem new and problems seem to not be as bad but I think it can be better. Any suggestions?


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    What OS are the comps using?

    Post their TCP Analyzer report.

    Also, make sure the modem is not placed near to any electrical devices.
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