This thread is intended to discuss the recommended Vista tweaks as outlined in this article:

Windows Vista Tweaks

Please share your experiences, testing results, and feel free to add to the available information.
Any suggestions are always welcome.

Update: We've also released a SG Vista TCP/IP patch (also downloadable from our Downloads section, as well as the Vista Tweaks article), that allows for tweaking all related netsh settings and registry values in one simple step. The patch also provides for reverting the settings to their default Windows values.

To apply the patch, save to your desktop and run as administrator (right-click -> run as administrator). Click Y when prompted to apply optimal settings.

Vista/Windows 7 TCP/IP Patch Updates:
12/23/2009, patch version 1.4 - added the EnableDCA registry setting to the Vista/7 TCP/IP patch
01/24/2010, patch version 1.5 - added the "netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled" command to the patch to prevent Vista/Windows 7 heuristics from overriding custom user-set autotuninglevel values.

Note: One interesting area to explore would be manually setting the MTU value, to confirm that it is off by 8 with non-PPPoE connections ? (you can test the actual MTU value using the Analyzer after rebooting)