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    Question about ISPs

    Is it possible for an ISP to downgrade your account and manipulate speedtest results so you wouldn't know? Because every speedtest I do apart from my ISP's give me results between 2 and 5.6mb but whenever I do a test on my ISP's site it's always 8mb, or could it be the distance affecting speed test results since on browser downloads I get 980kB/s which is 95% of my advertised speed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason456 View Post
    or could it be the distance affecting speed test results

    Yes, distance affects speedtest results, esp. when the test site is overseas. Result will be lower due to higher latency, and latency increases with distance and increased number of routing hops.
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    Ooh okay, I guess I'm being paranoid then. Thanks for the reply ^_^

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