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Thread: Out of Ideas (WAN Dropping)

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    Out of Ideas (WAN Dropping)

    This is the first time that I haven't been able to figure out a problem myself or with the help of Google, but I simply have no logical explanation for this problem, so I'm reaching out in the hopes of some good advice.

    I have a DSL modem (Netopia 3341) and a Linksys Router (WRTG54G R6) The Netopia generally runs in bridge mode, with the Linksys doing the PPPoE Authentication and DHCP etc.

    Everything works perfectly, for weeks at a time with no problems, however, every once in a while.. something goes wrong.

    The connection will drop within an hour of connecting, and I will have to reboot the modem in order to get it back. The linksys reports an LCP Negotiation Failure. No matter what I do, it connects fine and then drops within an hour, and I have to restart the modem again.. but here's the weird part.

    If I turn off bridge mode and connect directly to the modem (allowing the modem to do DHCP and PPPoE) it works flawlessly. Then, after a week or two of just connecting directly to the modem.. I turn bridge mode back on, connect it all through the router again and... it works fine for a month or more, until the next time it flakes out.

    The first few times I thought it was just a strange co-incidence, some ISP problem, but it has been going on like this for over a year. Every month or 1.5 months roughly, I have to connect direct to the modem, or it is unstable, but all other times, it's rock solid through the router.

    I have tried everything.. firmware, every setting known to man, a different modem even. The only thing I haven't tried is a new router.. because frankly, I don't want to buy one when the problem only occurs for a couple of weeks every couple of months, especially when it works perfectly fine the rest of the time.. it makes no sense!

    If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

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    Why not keep the Netopia doing your router duties (it's a good circles around a Linksys)...and flip your wrt54g to access point mode...hang it off the Netopia for your wireless.

    If Netopia is, make your wrt54g something like Disable DHCP on the wrt54g. Uplink it to the Netopia using a LAN port on will not use the WAN/Internet port of the wrt54g. Now you're basically just using it as an access point.

    The reason why it's happening? I don't know...wrt54g may be a bit flakey. Are you running heavy traffic on it?
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    Maybe somewhat, nothing too crazy though. I don't even really use torrents or anything. Steady traffic yea, but not too heavy.

    The problem I have with using the Netopia for everything is that I can never seem to get the pinholes working properly. No matter what I do, it doesn't pass traffic (specifically ventrilo) to my server.

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