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Thread: Married Life

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    Married Life

    Three women: one engaged, one married, and one a mistress, chatting about
    their relationships and decide to amaze their men....that night all three will
    wear a leather bodice S&M style, stilettos and mask over their eyes .

    After a few days they meet again.....

    The engaged girlfriend said: 'The other night, when my boyfriend came back
    home, he found me in the leather bodice, 4' stilettos and mask. He said, 'You
    are the woman of my life, I love you, then we made love all night long.'

    The mistress stated: 'Oh Yes! The other night we met in the office. I was
    wearing the leather bodice, mega stilettos, mask over my eyes and a
    raincoat. When I opened the raincoat, he didn' say a word. We just had
    wild sex all night.'

    The married one then said: 'The other night I sent the kids to stay at my
    mothers for the night, I got myself ready, leather bodice, super stilettos and
    mask over my eyes. My husband came in from work, grabbed the TV
    controller and a beer, and said, 'Hey Batman, what's for dinner ?'

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    eh...any more pictures from the patch?

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