I just got DSL a couple of days ago. I have Zonealarm as one of my
bootup apps. Checking e-mail or going on the net after initial bootup
with Zonealarm running works fine. However, if I turn off the LAN or
Zonealarm after the initial bootup and turn them back on, Zonealarm
now prevents me from getting mail or accessing the net. If I turn off
Zonealarm, everything works.

Using XP Home SP2, Embarq DSL.

I might turn them off for example if I'm doing some video capture and
don't want anything tripping it up, I turn off all unneeded apps.

However, I also noticed that if the system sits for a long time -
several hours with no internet activity and I go to access it, I get
the same thing happening.

Why would this be happening? The ethernet card is listed as being in
the internet zone. I've noticed that Zonealarm being on also prevents
my computers from talking to each other when they're networked. I have
to turn off Zonealarm on both machines for it to work.

Thanks for all input