Have you ever wanted to know where the IP traffic in your logfiles originates? I am developing an IP log submission tool to provide users with the global origins of their traffic. This tool is currently in the beta stage. At the moment it accepts IPv4 data in comma delimited format.

In the beta stage it outputs your IP (only) logfile providing the country of origin for each address submitted (current version is limited to submissions of 7,500 characters.

The next version will output your data in a Country Report format. This format will show your country origin data in graphs/charts and allow you to drill down to get a better view of the traffic.

We will also offer a module or widget you can add to your website or admin section so you can access the data or offer the service to your visitors.

The beta version is located at http://www.countryipblocks.net/log_checker.php. To use the form, enter your IP addresses in comma delimited format, answer the numerical question (anti-auto-script measure) and submit the data.

Please give it a try and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.