I'm looking for a file splitter. I've tried a couple that I've found on the internet, but they didn't do what I wanted.

Heres my problem.

I may have a sound file that is over 100,000 KB in size which will play for around 2 hours.

My problem is that I generally don't have the 2 hours required to listen to it all at once. And if I power down my mp3 player it wants to start at the beginning.

The programs I found will do the work of splitting the file into enough bytes and would work, if.....I weren't so pickey I guess.

I have to go in and edit the name so that the computer will recognize it as a mp3 file and not a file with no extention.
If I want Attributes I have to add them for each file because they are not carried across.

So what I want is a program that will not only split a file, but carry across the type of file it is, and the attributes as well.

Name | Size | Type | Title | Artist | Album Title | Genre | Duration
File01 30,727 kb mp3 audio file (mp3) Ch01 Joe Joe's title Book 0 32 46
Split files
File01-001 1,400 kb etc across

Anyone know of a program like this?