We've just completed round one of the Country IP Blocks web redesign and would love to have some feedback.

In a nutshell, Country IP Blocks is a set of tools for webmasters, network and server administrators or anyone interested in blocking and/or allowing network or website access by specific countries.

Changes made:

We reduced the number of pages from 1000 to less than 20. We moved all the Access Control Lists to the front page and allow multiple countries to be selected at once in CIDR, Subnet Mask or .htaccess deny/allow formats (Additional rule sets are coming soon).

We added additional IP, binary, decimal calculators (Additional network calculators will be added in May and June).

We moved the Search function from one specific page to the top right navigation to allow IP searched from any page.

We changed some script/database algorithms to greatly increase access speeds.

We changed our focus from graphical design to one of simplicity and speed of access to accommodate those webmasters and network managers who desire speed and function over appearance.

The site now instantly generates .htaccess deny and allow lists, plus CIDR and Subnet Masks lists for 244 countries worldwide. The data is updated a minimum of twice daily. Feel free to access the data for use in your networks.

Please review the site and offer any ideas for improvement.