It seems like this should be a fairly common topic, and probably
addressed elsewhere, but searching this and other groups as well as
googling has failed to yield anything useful. I posted this in, but maybe this is a more appropriate group

My home network is on a FiOS internet connection, which runs through a
Verizon (ActionTec) wireless router/switch.(WI1524WR or something like
that) I have 3 machines, a Windows 2000 server acting as domain
controller, a Compaq desktop running Windows XP Pro (SP2), and a Dell
laptop running Windows 2000 Pro (SP4). I am trying to configure the
router to pass VPN requests through to the XP machine so I can access
it with the laptop from outside. I have Windows configured to respond
to VPN requests, and have the laptop configured to connect as a VPN
client. The connection made from inside the firewall (directly to the
local hostname) works fine. I also have a second connection configured
to go through the external IP, and connecting to it always fails with
an Error 678: There was no answer. This is true whether I am
connecting inside the house, or from a WiFi hot spot. The two VPN
connections (local and remote) are configured identically except for
the hostname, so I believe the VPN client and server setups are
correct. I think it has to be the router configuration for VPN
passthrough. (The FiOS IP is dynamic, but I've got it set up to route

The "Port Forwarding" screen on the router is showing setup to pass
the following protocols through to the XP desktop:
(I'm not sure exactly what all of these mean, I just configured from
bits and pieces I found in different articles, using the configuration
menus available on the router)
L2TP-UDP Any ->1701
IPSec - UDP 500-> 500
TCP Any -> 1723

When I attempted to connect over the VPN connection from a WiFi
hotspot, this is what appeared in the router security log (newest is
on top, so read from the bottom)

Apr 3 10:00:54 2008 Inbound Traffic Connection closed TCP 1723 <--> 1723 [ 45717]

Apr 3 10:00:54 2008 Outbound Traffic Connection
closed TCP 45717<--> 45717[ 1723 ]
SYN_SENT/CLOSED br0 Outgoing

Apr 3 10:00:53 2008 Outbound Traffic Connection
opened TCP 45734<--> 45734[ 1723 ]
CLOSED/CLOSED br0 Outgoing

Apr 3 10:00:53 2008 Inbound Traffic Accepted - Service TCP> on clink0

Apr 3 10:00:53 2008 Inbound Traffic Connection opened TCP 1723 <--> 1723 [ 45734]

( is the local IP of the XP desktop. is
the external (FiOS) IP of the router, is the IP of the
hotspot where I was sending from.)

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and what to do to fix it?