I am interested in going with a local wireless Internet provider, but I
heard that they have had problems with their service in the past, during
peak times. Also heard they had resolved the issues. I am now on dial-up. My
neighbor will let me try his service by tapping into his wireless network
for a week or so to make sure I like the quality and speed of the service
before committing for a year. My son has a laptop that we were able to pluck
the neighbor's signal with at the very edge of my yard. My computer is
another 150 feet away from the neighbor, on the extreme other end of my
house. House is 70 feet long brick ranch . Two Bradford pear trees in line
of sight. I am interested in something like a USB wireless adapter or
whatever, that I can use to receive from the neighbor temporarily now, and
later use when I get the wireless Internet service, to communicate with a
router. The Internet provider provides a device similar to a wall wart that
must be plugged in to power, then an ethernet connection will go to one
computer, or to a router of my choosing. They will also provide and maintain
a whole house wireless network for $10 more a month if I desire to purchase
that option.
For this evaluation phase, what could I do economically to receive /
transmit the neighbor's signal better? Would a wireless USB adapter with an
external antenna work OK? I assume I would plug the device into my USB,
extend the proper antenna cable to my roof, and mount the appropriate
antenna for the job. There is a chimney that can "see" past the trees. But
what to use, exactly. I am very mechanically inclined, but not so much in
this field of endeavor. I would appreciate constructive input as to a viable
option. I was looking at this item from the link below.