A man from Aroostook County is facing serious charges after he was caught driving drunk with a significant amount of marijuana in his possession. In a bizarre twist, the truck he was driving belongs to one of Maine's best known politicians, Sen. John Martin.

State Police arrested 32 year-old Jason Dube of Eagle Lake on March 8th, driving erratically along route 161 in Aroostook County, as he was returning to Eagle Lake from Caribou 50 miles away.

They say his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit, and that he had about a quarter pound of pot on him.

The truck is one of six vehicles registered to Martin, the Senate's Assistant Majority Leader, and a former House Speaker.

Sen. Martin says he is surprised and angry at the news that his vehicle was involved in the alleged illicit activity.

He confirmed to News 13 that Dube was working at his sporting camp business that day and had permission to drive to it to Caribou, although Martin says he had no idea what Dube was doing there.

If Dube's charges include drug trafficking, there is a chance Sen. Martin's truck will be confiscated as part of the investigation.


I mean come on Senator his name is Dube!