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Thread: Can I set Windows Services to Manual?

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    Can I set Windows Services to Manual?

    I'm noticing that my Windows boot time is getting a little ridiculous. It feels like as time goes on more and more applications are adding their grubby little hooks to the bootup process often by services. It doesn't seem like defragging, using CCleaner and registry optimizers is helping much.

    1. If I set services to manual start instead of automatic start on windows startup, will the service always start if it is needed? I found for example that Lavasoft Ad-aware just starts it's service if you set it to manual.

    2. How many of the Windows services should be set to manual or disabled entirely. For example, I see things like a Wireless Zero Configuration and think I should manual/disable it because I have a wired router here. I'll turn it on if I go to a wireless setup.

    3. Are there other non-services that I should take the time to disable in MS Config or something like that?

    4. Am I totally wasting my time trying to turn these services off. Do I just have too many files cluttering up the C drive so the "random access" aspect of sifting through the files is more likely causing the delay?

    5. If there are other good posts and good links you use a rule of thumb for services please pass them on.


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    Some you can set to manual others you can disable and some need to be automatic, see Black Viper's List.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnosteele52 View Post
    Some you can set to manual others you can disable and some need to be automatic, see Black Viper's List.

    The first thing I used to do on a fresh XP install was disable about 8 services. The computer always felt more snappy and started up quicker after that. I have in the past 'tweaked' services to increase system speed on a computer that has been running for a while but it never seemed to make that large of a difference.

    How do you have partitions set up and whats not? I find that over a long period of time it's helpful to have installed whatever OS you're running on it's own partition for the most part, with a seperate partition or HD for applications and for everything else.
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