My network is pretty basic.

Cable Modem to Linksys Wireless Router (handing out dhcp, 4 port)
From wireless router to 8 port netgear firewall (firewall has dhcp turned
off, firewall off. Acting as a hub right now. Has ip of
I have a slingbox running on my network and configured as I
have an issue with my slingbox constantly taking over my router (I have upnp
disabled as well).
I want to setup another router with a different subnet, like 192.168.10.x. I
want to hookup the slingbox to this network to see if this will resolve it
taking over my router.

My question is this.

How would I hookup this new router. Do I go from a lan port on my netgear
( to the internet port on the new router (192.168.1.x), or do I
go to just a lan port?
Do I need a cross over cable?
What about firewall rules to direct traffic to the new router? I have a
couple servers that I would like to move here too and would need several
rules in order for them to run (smtp, pop, http, imap etc).
Would I need some static routes to direct traffic to this new router?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Here is my post at the slingmedia site about this issue.