Hi all,
I had a dsl internet connection previously. So i had bought a D-Link
Dl-524 router. It worked fine with the dsl network. But i recently
bought a evdo card(usb) and now i access internet through it. But i
was wondering if I could use my same old router to create a wireless
network with internet from my evdo card for my psp. Actually i tried a
way. What I did is connect the router to my comp through the lan port
1 of my router. This would create a wireless network with my router.
Now the part 2 is to give my wifi network a internnet connection. I
tried to achieve this by sharing my EVDO connection. Here is where the
problem crops in. While sharing it says Error 799 and says that it
requires a static ip to configure ICS and that some other
device is currently using the same ip. But no other device is using
that ip in my network. Not also the router is using that ip. However
when I disable the router connection and try to enable ICS it does it
without a glitch. What can u say abt it?? I would also like to take
suggestions on using my evdo card for my wireless network with the
same old router. Also if possible suggest some software for sharing
internet that does not hv any relation with the ip address
if there exists any.

Thanks in Advance

Reply soon