After over six years of constant operation, my main router (D-Link DI-764)
has finally bit it. The 802.11a radio stopped working a few months ago, but
wasn't a big deal since I had already been using an 802.11a/gb WAP connected
to it. Now the router portion has finally bit it too.

I just want to get a wired router since I already have a WAP to connect it
with. My requirements are, of course, at least four local LAN ports to be
used with an XBox360, PS3, and a media gadget. I'll need to be able to use
"static" DHCP for 21 devices, port forwarding, firewall, etc. Also, since
it is situated next to my HDTV, I'm thinking about just going ahead and
getting Gigabit as I may want to pipe HD to the TV down the road.

Just want something that is simple to use, allows settings to be backed up,
and of course reliable..