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Thread: Having Trouble with Wireless Router

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    Having Trouble with Wireless Router

    Okay I have an existing Linksys wired fine.

    I bought a wireless router and want to plug it into my existing wired router. I have another "good" gaming computer plugged into the existing wired router. I want the wireless router just for internet access on my iPod as well as a remote PC in another room. The wired part of my existing router is better than the new one (why I didn't just replace my old router)

    I set up the wired router last weekend and with simple standard settings (DHCP) everything worked fine (I downloaded a new virus scanner on the remote PC). This weekend I can't get internet access (I think I almost got google homepage to load once). I can connect to the wireless router ( just fine from the remote PC but I can't get through to the internet. I imagine my wired router has a setting that is blocking something?

    1. I tried all that jazz as far as turning the power off on everything. Turn the cable modem on first, wired router next, wireless rounter last. Didn't work.

    2. I tried uninstalling the router receiver and re-installing...Cold booting (shouldn't be necessary).

    3. On my existing wired router I even put in a static IP for the wireless router. The existing wired router DHCP starts at and allows for 100 connections (since the router uses I figured this might be necessary).

    4. I have all security turned off just trying to get all this stuff working.

    Question 1: In #3 above I mentioned that I set up a static IP address. Is that necessary and if so am I setting it properly?

    Question 2: On my original wired router do I need to forward a bunch of ports (or all ports?) for the IP Address of the wireless router?

    Question 3: Is the way I'm trying to set up my router totally not possible (plugging 1 router into another router?). I think it should be fine, I might just be missing 1 little setting or something?

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    Here is a guide on multi-NAT:
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