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Thread: ebay question

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    ebay question

    Do you guys deal with ebay at all? If so, if I put in a bid where there already is a bid, does ebay offer something that will automatically up the other person's bid without them even being there? In other words by itself?

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    34,796 bid what you think it's worth or get software that can snipe for you. Let's say you think item xxx is worth 20 bucks.

    So you put in a bid of 19.99. Lets say bidding starts at 5 bucks and goes up in 50 cent increments.

    brembo comes along and makes a bid of $8.00

    The bid will jump to $8.50 and you'll still be the high bidder.

    Of course brembo HAS to have this dunnunator pump so he rebids to 17.45.

    Your bid is still higher and the new bid to beat is $17.95.

    Does that make sense or is that too much for that pump?

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    Is the s/w free or is there one capable of doing it which is free?

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    Ebay does it automatically, no software necessary UNLESS you want to use what they call sniping software, this software places your bid automatically in the last few seconds of the auction. The clock in the sniping software syncs to ebays clock and it can be set to bid in the last second if you wish.
    The reason people use sniping software is if they really want the item they put their bid in at the very last second and IF its the highest there is NO time left for anyone to out bid you.

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