I host a webserver on my internal network. I use a PAT configuration set up on my Cisco 851 Router. It port forwards
HTTP traffic through the public interface to a webserver in my internal network. All HTTP connections from the
Internet get NAT'd to the webserver work perfectly.

Problem: When I try to navigate to the web site from a workstation on the internal network ( I get a page
cannot be displayed error.

This seemed to work fine with my Linksys router previously but not Cisco.I think this is some NAT configuration issue.

I want connections from the internal network to behave the same way as users connectiing from the
Internet? And yes, I understand that I can use DNS but that is not an option this case. I want the router to NAT
connections the same way whether they are coming from the Internet or my internal network.

Is there a CLI command that can facilitate this? I know it used to work with my NetGear router.

Any assistance appreciated!