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Thread: Physically broke a computer pin

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    Physically broke a computer pin

    I broke this pin (male) off my computer. I can no longer charge my computer and of course the battery is dead now. Without spending bunches of money I was hoping I could somehow fix it enough to get important stuff off.

    I tried to soder the pin back but the sodder cools before I can get the pin back into this tiny hole. I tried to super glue it but apparently glue blocks the current so I still can't recharge my computer.

    Is there such a thing as a USB part that I could buy that would enable me to be able to charge it?

    I have a HP/Compaq series 6110.

    I cannot use that universal battery because I can't plug it into my computer (broken pin)

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    thins pin is broken on the laptop where the battery connects or on teh charging cord?

    Could you be more specific or even better provide a pic of it?

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    It is on the computer.

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    look into a external battery charger- you might find one on the computer companies website. Also if need be you can remove the hard drive and if it is newer it will be a sata drive where you can easily hook it to another sata capable pc and get data off of it.

    i would just look for an external battery charger which will probably be for something like a second battery or backup battery type of deal. Probably far cheaper than getting the pin fixed by the company... umless of course it is still under warranty.



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    I have an idea.

    I hope you have the pin with you. If so, put back that pin into the corresponding hole in the female socket and plug the male adapter in very well. If there is a bent at the point of break of the pin, straighten it very carefully before you put it into the hole. It should make the contact enough to make the connection.

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