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Thread: High Ping - But Fast Downloads =/

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    High Ping - But Fast Downloads =/

    Recently I just moved out from home and into an apartment. Back at my old place, I had comcast 8mb/s internet. At the apartment, I have a 6mb/s plan. I've run bandwidth speed tests, and they're about the same as my old place. At the old place, my ping in CS:S was 5-30 pending on server. Now, on the same servers, its over 100+ usually 200+. I'm fairly sure the 2mb/s isn't the deciding factor on this. At my old place, I had a gaming router connected to the comcast modem which was connected to my comp. Through the router I was able to open ports for CS:S and other apps.

    Nothing on my computer has changed since the move, so I figure it must be something with the settings with the new service. Any Ideas? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Any splitters in the line? How old are the lines to the apartment?

    As this would appear to be with Comcast and/or the lines to the apartment.

    Can you post your signal and power levels from the modem?

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