Are you sitting down? We don't know how to break this news lightly so we figure the band-aid approach will work. Rockstar has told confirmed that there is no demo in the works for Grand Theft Auto IV. When asked why we wouldn't get a taste of the epic crime title before it launched on April 29 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar told Videogamer that creating a demo, "isn't worth the time and effort." They do have a game to finish you know!

There's more to why they've decided against it but everything sums up to a simple naw son in the demo category. While I'm sure we're all upset we have to wait until the street date, can you fault Rockstar? Demos are usually reserved to build hype for a game and increase potential sales and if anything is going to sell in 2008 it'll be called Grand Theft Auto IV. Well, that's because Barbie's Horse Adventures IV: Return to the Saddle was delayed until Q1 2009.

We're actually a little relieved about the lack of a demo. The last thing we need to see during our rigorous Fox News marathons is a piece about Microsoft offering free trials of a murder-simulator for children over X-Box Live (FYI - that's purposely written incorrectly as an homage to Fox's accuracy.)

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