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Thread: connecting 2 usb cables together

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    connecting 2 usb cables together

    I have an external USB 80 GB HDD which connects to my pc's USB 2.0 port via a 3 ' standard USB 2.0 cable (A male to B male).

    PC Af||Am---cable---Bm||Bf...HDD

    Recently I moved the HDD and needed more than 3' to reach the pc. I had a USB Hub which has 1 B female connector and 4 A female connectors. I connected the pc via a 3' cable to the hub's B female connector and another 3' cable to one of the hub's A female connectors. The cable's B male plug connected to the HDD's B female connector and it works fine.

    PC Af||Am---cable---Bm||Bf ..hub..Af||Am----cable----Bm||Bf...HDD

    If I substitute a B female to A female adapter instead of the hub (the adapter is much cheaper than the hub) the pc tells me it can't recognize the device.

    PC Af||Am---cable---Bm||Bf ..adapter..Af||Am----cable----Bm||Bf...HDD

    The 4 port usb hub has a power input connector but I didn't need extra power for one port usage.

    Can anyone tell me why it won't work?
    It looks like all the pins (1 to 4) connect to the right pins in every connector pair.
    What is different about the hub's Bf to Af connection?


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    Instead of patching two cables try and find one long one with the correct connectors on it. I think the max length is 5 meters so your cable (in theory) should have worked. The HUB has electronics in it and I believe works as a repeater. The adapter is just a passive pass though device. May even be a slight signal loss going though it.
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