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Thread: Using TCP Optimiser

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    Question Using TCP Optimiser

    I used this tool for the first time today but haven't noticed a difference. In the FAQs it suggests setting the 'Connection Speed' counter to the maximum advertised speed available.

    Does that mean I should set it to 16000 kpbs - the maximum speed advertised for my ISP, SKY Max Broadband. Or should I set it to 6000 kpbs - which is the maximum speed I am told I will achieve given my proximity to the exchange?

    Presently I've set it at the former but wonder now, whether I should have set it at the latter.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Yes, 6000.

    Did you reboot after the changes?

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    Post your TCP Analyzer Report.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YARDofSTUF View Post
    Yes, 6000.

    Did you reboot after the changes?
    Thanks. Yes - I did reboot.

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