Hi all,

I need help in making a wireless connection and ethernet connection work at the same time in 1 pc.

I'm currently running WINXP. Have 2 networks. 1 for Internet and 1 for File Sharing. Internet is available when using wireless connection and I'm getting an IP Address of 192.168.1.XXX and a default gateway of 192.168.1.xxx. For the file sharing, I connect via ethernet and getting an IP Address of 10.xxx.xx.xxx, subnet mask of and a default gateway of 10.xxx.xx.x.

Problem is I can't have them work at the same time. When both connected, I'm only able to use the ethernet connection even though the wireless is also connected. Inorder to connect to the internet, I need to disable the ethernet connection.

Others have suggested that I use a software like VMWare but I prefer not to use this because I believe that this will affect my computer's performance.

Can any help me with this?