I'm responsible for an MS Word template for resume updates. I'm doing it with form fields so that everyone includes the same info and the formatting stays consistent. Because everyone will have a different number of colleges attended, past employers, etc., I wrote a macro to automatically add a line for a new degree. It starts a new paragraph at the appropriate bookmark, adds and names the form fields, and moves the bookmark to the end of that new line.

However, I'm also using help text for all of the fields, so that when the employee looks at the status bar or hits F1, they'll know what to put in that spot. I haven't found a way to add help text to a field in a macro. Is there actually a way to do this with VBA?

One alternative I tried was copying an existing paragraph rather than creating new fields. That way, all the help text would be attached to each field already. However, I got a couple different errors that way:
  • The requested member of the collection does not exist. Referring to one of the bookmarked form fields that I was trying to copy--even though I checked to make sure the names were identical.
  • Method Name for Object Form Field failed So, even when everything else works, it's refusing to name the field. Is that not possible to do when the field already has a name?

So, I'm currently banging my head against a wall and would appreciate any help anyone could provide.

Thanks in Advance,