Doc;165921 Wrote:
> I've been thinking of getting DSL. EMBARQ offers what at first glance
> seems like a decent deal 19.95/mo but looking at the "fine print" I'm
> a bit put off.
> -$99 "early termination fee". - So, if you decide the service stinks
> and find a better provider, you're obliged to pay them for
> approximately the equivalent of 5 months of service to get out of it.
> They don't specify what "early" means as far as earlier than what.
> But...
> -EMBARQ may cancel services or susbstitute similar services at its
> sole discretion without notice - How the hell about that. Are they
> gonna pay me a $99 early termination fee?
> -No minimum level of speed is guaranteed. - How cutting-edge of them
> to buck the trend of "quality assurance". And if you decide the
> product is no good, not only do you not get a refund, as per above
> you're obligated to pay them for months of crappy service you never
> received.
> -Taxes, fees and surcharges are additional, subject to change without
> they're going to play "let's pretend" and tax you on more than you're
> paying.
> -Additonal restrictions apply - Well, I'm sure that can only be good
> news.
> Oh, and they charge 14.95 to ship a modem and a $15 activation fee.
> Is this all "normal" as far as such services? Anyone here using
> EMBARQ? Thoughts?
> Any providers out there that don't have all these kinds of caveats?

Hi my name is Jenny R. and I work with Embarq Customer service. I saw
that you had some questions on the High Speed before you signed up. I
wanted to clear up any questions that you may have...if you want you
can email me directly at or you can Private
message me. Some of the questions that you had addressed, was about
taxes, on the "up to" 768 speed the total taxes on your billing would
be around $10-$12 per month. and that includes your local services.
The reason they have that your speed is not guaranteed, is because they
are "Up to speeds" meaning that you may not always hold a 768K
connection , it may drop at times. The contract to get the 19.95
pricing is 1 year. any cancellation before such time will result in a
ETF of $99. Also the S&H of modem is 14.95 and the activation fee is
$15 which you stated, this is a one time charge. If you have anyother
questions, please get in contact with me, and i'll be happy to assist
you in anyway that i can.

Jenny R.