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Thread: Comcast Problems.. Anyone having the same issue as me?

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    Comcast Problems.. Anyone having the same issue as me?

    Hi! I decided to give this forum a try since you all seem very knowledgable. I have Comcast Broadband Internet and have had it for many years now with little to no problems, just the usual service is down every once in a while or after storms or such. I have a SURFboard cable modem, and a US Robotics USR8054 Wireless router connected to it. I would wake up and have no internet connection on my laptop, which was working fine the night before. If I unplugged the router and plugged it back in, I would regain connection. The problem has gotten worse and worse lately, I tried a new router which worked fine for a while but last night it just stopped working completely, I think its busted or fried somehow so I had to put my old one back in. It seems to have great trouble getting an IP address from the modem, I have to reset it several times before I get a DHCP response and IP address.
    I just don't understand why after so long with no problems it is giving me all these problems now, did comcast change something that I need to know of? Does anyone seem to be experiencing the same problems? I called comcast tech support but they did little to help, they put in a new modem but still having the same issues, and unfortunatly whenever a tech comes out it seems to work fine so they don't see the problem! Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    Need to troubleshoot which side fails for you. You mention "wireless router" is your laptop using the wireless? If you can't your wireless connection to the router gone?
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