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Thread: Please help diagnose this fault, really stuck at this point.

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    Please help diagnose this fault, really stuck at this point.

    I was given a friends PC that had errors and kept on spontaneously rebooting at startup, looping on the safe mode screen. It would eventually boot up inot windows, and even if you left it in windows, after perhaps 20-30 minutes it would just shut itself off.

    I turned on the BSOD messages, and the first one was an error in config.sys, so I ran an XP Repair, which temporarily seemed to work. Then it gave me another BSOD reading fault_in_non_paged_area.

    I reseated the RAM and ran it through windiag and memtest x86 and the memory passed both tests. Again, it seemed fine, and then it started to BSOD with another message saying bad config info.

    I've replaced the RAM with two new matching sticks, and I've tried running it in singular and in pairs. In one slot one of the sticks blue screened the machine, but when I moved it, returned to normal state.

    The PSU seems fine, it's 350 watt and powering 150GB SATA disk and a Radeon x300SE. It is still having the problem of rebooting constantly, but because it's sporadic and even when the computer is left idle, I'm struggling on how to diagnose. Obviously, don't want to be buying parts for my friend if he doesn't need them. The CPU fan has also been replaced.

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    Is this a homebuilt? Or an off the shelf brand?
    Is the memory compatible with the motherboard?
    What operating system? config.sys was used by Win9X, WinNT based OSs use config.nt. So config.sys should be empty.
    Clean of viruses/worms/malware?
    Windows updates?
    Latest drivers for all devices..starting with the chipset drivers for the motherboard?
    History of this computer? Clean install on this hardware, or hard drive moved intact from another PC?
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    Sounds like the PSU might be acting up and/or the HDD is dying.

    You said "PSU seems fine" that doesn't mean it is fine and 350watts for what your trying to run might not be enough along with the volt rails might be lower than what is needed.

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    Look into all of the above and also: What temps are you running at? Could be heat related? ...
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