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Thread: Cable Ethernet Problem

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    Cable Ethernet Problem

    I have a motorola SB5101 cable modem, and for about 6 months now i had been using the ethernet port until last week. i rang my cable company up on the weekend and they said i need to connect with the usb not ethernet. this fixed my internet. but now i want to get a router for my laptop and i need to use ethernet, but i wont work! usb works fine, but with ethernet, PC/ACTIVITY light does not turn on at all.

    I would appricate any help to get this ethernet port working again

    btw we had a storm last week around the time ethernet stopped working.

    Please help!

    also note:
    -connected ethernet from modem to laptop, works fine
    -when i connect ethernet to PC, nothing happens, "Network cable unplugged"

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    I'd determine the source of the ethernet not working...
    For now..can think of 3 things....
    Faulty ethernet port on the cable which case ISP should replace it if you rent/lease it from them.
    Faulty patch cable you're using
    or faulty NIC on your PC.

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    When I have ethernet plugged in, when i do IPCONFIG at command prompt, it says:

    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

    Media State.................:Media Disconnected

    ^^even when it is pugged in?? i realy need to solve this

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    Try replacing the cable you're using. If that doesn't fix it, then as StoneCat says, you have a faulty NIC or the Ethernet port on the cable modem is screwed up and they need to replace it for you.
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    but the ethernet cable works when i connect it to my laptop, but not my computer. does this meen i have to replace something in the compter ethernet port?

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