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Thread: Different SNRs on Different Modems

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    Different SNRs on Different Modems

    I possess three ADSL modems. UTStar 300R2U, UTStar 300R2 and Huawei MT880. On connecting these modems to my phoneline i find different SNR values being displayed.

    UTStar300R2U displays SNR as 34~36 db
    UTStar300R2 displays SNR as 29~31 db
    Huawei MT880 displays SNR as 39~41 db

    Why is the difference in the SNR ? Any ideas ? Any way to find the real SNR value of my phoneline ?

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    Its just how the modems are seeing the levels and displaying them. The only accurate way to see them is with ISP equipment the techs use at the pole.

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