After spending a mind number amount of hours searching through tech forums / playing around with settings and editing my regisitry, I finally found the solution to this common problem.

If you are one of many users who installed some software like:

Alcohol 120%
Daemon Tools
(In any combination)

and then you native CD/DVD disc drives stop working, have no fear, I found a fix that may work for you.

The first thing to check is your registry:

(This is specifically for Windows XP)


Then check the values for "NoDriveTypeAutorun" and make sure it is 95 (Hexadecimal)

After making the changes, reboot your computer and see if that solves the problem.

If not, proceed to the next step:

From the desktop click on

Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>

Now under the Storage summary bar, collaspe it and select
"Removable Storage".
Collaspe that and then select

You should now be able to see all the CD/DVD-Rom devices that are installed in your system. Right click on one of them (i.e HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8164B CdRom Device) and select "Properties". A new window with the properties for this drive should open up.

Under the "General Tab", there is a section labeled:
"Deferred dismounts"
"Retain dismountable media for [5] minutes"

Make sure you change the time to [ 0 ] minutes. This should resolve your problem of your CD/DVD-Rom drive not refreshing / auto-running / auto-initializing.

Put up a post here if this did or didn't help you and I'll try my best to help you find a solution.