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    Question Backup Batch File

    I have been using the following batch file to backup several folders on my C drive to a flash drive for quite some time. The batch file has been working great.

    How to Backup using Batch Files 2004.12.10 13:03 EST by Philip

    I recently installed a network hard drive and I am backing up to that instead of the flash drive.

    Now when I run the batch file to backup to the network drive, it backs up files that have not changed since the last backup even though I am using the /d switch.

    Why would this work differently when backing up to a network drive as opposed to a flash drive? Any help you can render will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    With a little research, I was able to answer my own question. The following article can be found here:

    When performing incremental backups, xcopy compares the timestamp of files in the source directory to the timestamp of existing files in the destination directory to determine whether the file has changed and needs to be re-copied. This doesn't always work as expected when copying between different file systems that record timestamps to differing granularity. For example, NTFS records timestamps to 0.1 seconds, but FAT timetamps are only accurate to within 2 seconds. The result is that if you backup to another computer on your network or NAS drive that uses a filesystem with a different timestamp format, you may end up recopying files that already exist because the timestamps are slightly different. There doesn't appear to be a solution to this using xcopy, but alternative utilites have command line options to allow a "fuzzy" timestamp comparison so that if the source and destination timestamps are within a couple of seconds of each other they are treated as being the same: With xxcopy use the /ff option or with robocopy use /fft.

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