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Thread: Internet Sharing Not Working

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    Unhappy Internet Sharing Not Working

    Hello friends,
    I am new to this forum. So please help me out.

    1. I have internet connected to my computer (Computer A) through the Ethernet Card. A WiMax modem is connected to my system and and it runs the internet on my system. It is a plug-n-play device and assigns a dynamic IP for connecting to the internet.

    2. I have another system (Computer B) at home. Since Computer A is already using the Ethernet card for communicating to the Internet WiMax Modem so I have installed another Ethernet Card in my system so that Computer A and Computer B can share this internet.

    3. Both Computer A and Computer B can now share the Files through the small internet workgroup (No Domain). Both are assigned static IPs. Otherwise they were showing Limited Connectivity.

    4. So both Computer A and Computer can share the files but not the Interent Connection which runs through the Computer A.

    5. I have checked the LAN settins of Computer A and it has a checkbox clicked that says that Other computers can share Computer A's internet connection.

    Guys please help me out about why this is happening and what settings needs to change so that Computer B can also access the internet.


    Khuram Javaid

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    The easiest, most effective thing is to buy a cheap router to share the connection. Basic models can start under $100 for entry level wired routers, and that is all you really need to do a simple internet sharing setup like you seem to want.

    The other way, which you seem to be trying to do, uses Windows ICS. This method is more of a pain to get working, and is less reliable, and less secure because you connect your PC directly to the internet. What you need to do is setup the internet connection on PC A, and get it working. Then run the Internet Connection Sharing wizard, and follow those instructions to get it working on PC B.

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    I agree with what ErikD suggested, get a new router (wired or wireless) and set up a small network to share Internet connection. Better security and easy management.

    You can also take a look on this Internet Connection Sharing tutorial if you insist to use software based Internet sharing.

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    Yeah Thanks Guy,

    I used Proxy Server and got what i wanted.
    CCProxy to be exact.

    Thanks Anyways.

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