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Thread: Wireless router help

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    Wireless router help

    My friend recently purchased a wireless D-link router. He has ATT DSL and a speed stream 5x series dsl modem (about half the size of my 5100).

    His laptop can connect to the router via wifi, but although the modem is connected to the router and we ran the connection wizard and I did a manual configuration as well, the router cannot connect to the net; stranger still, the internet light on the modem is no lit.

    If I run ethernet directly to the laptop, the light comes on and connectivity is fine.

    Any suggestions?

    Thnx in advance.
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    First that the "modem" is actually a combo modem/router...that's already running NAT and doing DHCP...may be conflicting with the DLink. In these cases, it's desirable to reconfigure the gateway appliance to be just a pure modem/bridge...done through a web management utility just like common home grade routers. If you plug a PC directly into the speedstream like he had before...does his PC obtain a private IP address (
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