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Thread: increase speed of internet on LAN

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    increase speed of internet on LAN

    guys i want to know is there anyway i can increase speed of my internet which is provided to me through a simple LAN...
    the network administrator uses linux to control his network and he gives his user s ip address through their Network adapter MAC address..

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    Just out of curiosity, if the network admin is running that network, wouldnt it be up to him to find ways to speed things up? I'd assume things you could do would be minimal at best.
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    Cooldude911, as an I.T. Manager and Network Manager/admin, I would be more than a little perturbed to discover that some little weasel (generically speaking/nothing personal intended) was attempting to circumvent policies and procedures on any of my networks.

    The correct answer to your question is this: Talk to the Network Administrator.
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