Thought I would share my struggle with IPcop Blue + WAP config...


I just installed a Blue network on my IPcop (1.4.11) and want to use a
wireless access point (NOT a wireless router. *In general*, think of a
WAP as having only one ethernet port on the back, and router would
have more than one due to also having a router/switch integrated)


After connecting everything, enabling DHCP on the blue interface, and
assigning IP's to blue and the WAP device, there is no internet
access. I can ping the blue interface as well as the WAP, but no
external IP's.


If only using a WAP on blue, you MUST create a an entry in the Blue
Access menu for *every* POSSIBLE DHCP address that *may* be assigned.
This seems completely counterintuitive with DHCP involved, but that is
just the it must be configured. Here's what I did as an example:

- 1. I reduced the number of DHCP address in the scope to save me time
entering these rules.
- 2. Under Firewall | Blue Access menu, I added EACH POSSIBLE DHCP
address. MAC or IP can be used. Make sure you check the enable box.

For wireless routers, create a subnet behind the wireless router.
Disable DHCP on the blue interface, enable DHCP on the wireless
router, and finally add the IP of the wireless router to the blue
access device