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Thread: Double Routers & Port Forwarding

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    Double Routers & Port Forwarding

    Hi fellas,

    This is my present network scenario,

    ADSLModem/Router Combo -> 4 Port Switch -> 1 Computer(running bittorrent client)

    * My ISP provided this equipment which is a Modem & router combined in one.

    * This Modem/Router combo has only DMZ feature and no Port forward / virtual servers feature.

    * I enable DMZ to the computer runnin the torrent client on port 5050

    Now am gonna get a macbook and a 802.11 N router(it has port forwarding) for wireless access, and i want to keep the network configuration as follows

    ADSLModem/Router Combo -> New router -> Old comp with bittorrent client + new macbook with another bittorrent client

    * Now I want to enable ports to both the computers separately

    I would consider doing this,

    1)attach the cable from the Modem/Router to the WAN port of the new router.

    2)Make the new router obtain an static ip address(wan ip of the new router) from the Modem/Router combo. Assign DMZ to the ip address of the new router.

    3) Configure the new router to enable ports for the two individual systems connected under it.

    And now my question,

    Will this work?

    Am I logical?

    If it doesnt, wat shud i do?

    Thanks in advance !

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    You want to stay away from double NAT'ing..which is what you get when you run a router behind another router when both are in gateway mode.

    Instead...either...take your ISP supplied router, reconfigure it to run in pure bridged mode so it's really just a modem, and you use your own router as your only NAT device, and if DSL...PPPoE.

    Or...keep your ISP supplied router as your primary gateway, and if you want to run wireless...just add an access point.

    But it sounds like you want the former option.
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    I would consider doing that( router 1 in bridged mode and router 2 as gateway). But there is now goin to be additional two computers sitting behind router 1.

    Ill make it clear in words(I hope! ),

    There are three nodes behind Router 1(the ISP Supplied Combo). They are Router 2 & the two computers. Across my home at a different place is the router 2 and behind it are the macbook and another pc.

    (Note: Router 1 and router 2 will be at two different physical location in my home and there is only only cat 5 cable connecting them).

    So when I put my second router in bridged mode the two computers behind router 1 are left out without internet.

    This has prompted me to go in for double nat and to make things work with regard to port forwarding for the two computers.

    But then, wat might be the problems I wud face in this configuration?

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