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I did turn one of my proxies back on for a few minutes to see what people
are using my proxy for, when surfing from work, and I did see
someone from Australia surfing various kinds of wedding-related

Any employer that would ban sites for planning a WEDDING is
NUTS. There is NOTHING unethical about using the company
networks to surf wedding-related sites for planning a wedding.
One's wedding day is a very SPECIAL day, and I feel that the
corporate network that was obviously banning wedding sites
needs to RETHINK their usage policies. There is NOTHING
wrong OR unethical about suring wedding-related sites from
work. I am glad to know that I was helping someone plan
their wedding day without the boss knowing what they were
doing. They will see a lot of connections to my proxy, but
that person's boss, in Australia, will NEVER KNOW that
employee was surfing wedding sites form work, and I feel
good knowing that I was helping someone be able to plan
their special day, from work, without the boss being able
to know what he/she was up to.