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Thread: Setting Up RV082 VPN Network

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    Setting Up RV082 VPN Network

    Alright, I have a couple of configurations to work out but I have one thats more important than any other. Here is currently what I have configured:

    Office Site 1
    Comcast Business Internet with 5 Static IPs
    RV082 using 1 Static IP from Comcast Business Cable Modem
    File Server Connecting off of RV082 (Windows Server 2003 SE)
    LAN Setup: /

    I currently have it up and running. File Server can get out to the internet no problem, Firewall is enabled on RV082.

    Here is what I want to be able to do:

    Using QuickVPN utility from Linksys, connect to the RV082 through a VPN link from a Remote Office. This remote office may not have a Static IP, they might only have a Dynamic IP on a standard DSL or Cable line (no dialup).

    I have tried setting up the Client to Gateway and cant seem to get that to work. Should I do PPTP or should I stick with IPSEC. How exactly should I be setting it up? Group VPN Tunnel or Standard VPN Tunnel?

    Sandard VPN Tunnel

    TunnelName: Does this have any meaning? Does this only apply to the RV082 Router as a name to pick apart the tunnels? Or is this used with QuickVPN?

    Local Group Setup: I would do IP Only since I have a Static IP right?
    IP Address: Static IP
    Local Security Group Type: Subnet?
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

    Or should the IP/Subnet be different?

    Remote Client Setup: What should I do here? Remote location might not have Static. Do I do Dynamic IP + Domain Name (FQDN) Authentication? Or something else, If I do Dynamic IP + DNA, what do I use as a domain name? Does it matter? For Domain Name could I do DDNS ( and enter in that Domain Name corresponding with the locations Dynamic IP??? This whole section confuses me the most and I believe this section is why I cannot get it working.

    IPSEC Setup:

    This shouldn't really have much of any effect should it? As long as I have something filled in for each selection?

    Should I be setting this up a different way? Using different hardware/software????

    Any help much appreciated!

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    QuickVPN is an IPSec software client, this is used for stand alone computers...a PC at home, or say a laptop that travels on the road.

    For satellite offices...there's usually a 24x7 connection to a central office that is desired, so I normally prefer to use another VPN capable router such as another RV082 or say the smaller RV042...and build a full time IPSec VPN tunnel between the routers. Central office say at, and a satellite office at say

    I've setup several dozen RV082 routers..usually even use one at home, good performance, fast, stable, solid PPTP VPN server, fairly decent at maintaining router to router VPN tunnels, but I have to admit I can't stand their IPSec QuickVPN client...quite troublesome.
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