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Thread: great signal very low download speed great up load speed

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    great signal very low download speed great up load speed

    I am new to this kind of thing not sure if asking in the right place but:

    confused: I have a problem with my signal that states excellent. My upload speed is great download is about a third or less can't even download things. Should be 20/2 it has been 0.5 to 0.9 download, upload has been 2.5 to 2.8 Mbs. The router is only about 15 feet away from laptop (FIOS wireless) verizon says I am to far. I take it to the room and it is a good speed. They said piggy back a Linksys tried but could not get it to work (it connected etc.) but stated could not find the server. Could their router be bad? Does this make any sense to anyone out there? It does not make sense to me!!!!!:confused. Help!!

    BTY, fresh install all new


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    15' away and slow speeds?

    Indoor wifi has a range of approx 200', degrades w/ distance increase and physical barriers such as walls. Try changing the access point channel. Verizon fios uses an Actiontec wifi modem-router, so so hardware compared to others on the market. should get you to the router login screen in browser. Login and set the AP to use channel 1 or channel 11. Channels upward or downward have a greater tendancy to be interfered with by other radio waves such as from baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, elec wiring, etc. Best to have the router up on a shelf too, not on floor.
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    Are you on cable or ADSL ?
    If it's ADSL, are you in the UK ?
    If you're in the UK and it's ADSL, are you on a BT land-line ?
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